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Graduated Grey
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Prescription Gucci GG0022S Sunglasses

GG0022S 003 57

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Graduated Grey
Gucci Sunglasses GG0022S
Official Gucci Sunglasses 1 year guarantee
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GG0022S 003 57
Acetate (Plastic)

Gucci Sunglasses GG0022S

Gucci GG0022S Sunglasses boast an urban and stylish rectangular shape with a youthful twist. Make a statement with these oversize sunglasses, made with polished full acetate with a 100% UV filter providing full protection. These stylish womens Gucci shades can be worn all year round as a classic accessory with a pair of jeans and trainers or a cute skirt and heels. This style comes with a havana frame and graduated grey lenses with a small ‘GG’ interlocking sticker logo on the front.

The Womens Gucci Sunglasses GG0022S (GG0022S 003 57) is available to buy from Shade Station. It features a frame which is havana and has a lens which is graduated grey. The GG0022S 003 57 comes with an official Gucci Sunglasses 1 year guarantee.
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Varifocal lenses are the perfect and convenient way to combine all three elements of visual correction. Distance, Intermediate (Computer) and Reading. These are available in a wide range of thinner and premium lens options.
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