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Mont Blanc Sunglasses

Mont Blanc sunglasses are part of a brand born in Hamburg. Having conquered its own space over the years and becoming one of the world’s most well-known brands, the Mont Blanc star symbolises the peak of the Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe. After launching the first Mont Blanc Writing Instrument, the brand has been known for its success and achievement. In April 2001 Mont Blanc announced its partnership with eyewear company Marcolin to produce Mont Blanc prescription glasses and Mont Blanc sunglasses. The Mont Blanc sunglasses collection displays a wide range of styles that represent chic luxury including aviator styles from Mont Blanc MB589S sunglasses and Mont Blanc MB509S sunglasses as well as squared styles such as Mont Blanc MB586S sunglasses and Mont Blanc MB502S sunglasses. Attention to detail and a rich combination of different materials ensures that Mont Blanc sunglasses are of the highest quality made to suit the man who will not compromise on fashion. Mont Blanc sunglasses are most commonly made from acetate and metal. Acetate frames boast pure, iconic and refined style standing for timeless elegance and attention to fine detail. Metal frames embody distinctive designs with contemporary accents whilst staying true to Mont Blanc’s iconic style. Pioneering since 1906, Mont Blanc mens sunglasses represent the finest craftsmanship which is constantly fuelled by innovative spirit. Always surprising with new ground-breaking functionalities and iconic designs, Mont Blanc sunglasses inspire the world with meticulously crafted models that encompass all the qualities of fine lifetime companions.

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