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Prada Sport is the dedicated leisure eyewear line from the iconic Italian designer brand Prada. Prada Sport sunglasses have a sporty aesthetic and are designed to be more durable than those by the main Prada label. Prada Sport sunglasses are ultimately geared to be practical and comfortable for everyday wear, able to endure physical impact yet still look stylish in true Prada style. It is difficult for a brand to achieve an effective balance of function and style and recognising a niche in the designer market, Prada Sport has bridged that gap and have designed the collection to look aesthetically striking with high fashion features typical of the Prada label but with a sporty edge which makes them modern, versatile and more of a fashionable lifestyle accessory than just solely an accessory used for trend appeal.
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Prada is an Italian brand and the characteristics and style personality of Prada Sport sunglasses are very reflective of this. The label is renowned for its exceptionally high quality products and the Prada Sport sunglasses convey that classic innovation spiced up with contemporary twists making the collection highly desired and unique. Durability in Prada Sport sunglasses is paramount and therefore a great deal of time is invested in researching the best possible materials and manufacturing methods to create the ultimate sports fashion pair of sunglasses. The main feature which is common throughout the range is the sleek red line features on the arms which is distinctive to the Prada Sport collection. In terms of style, the sunglasses vary from visor designs, large sports aviators, classic and wraparound styles – all incredibly chic and perfect for on-the-go activity. All the styles maintain a strong character with sleek lines and elite craftsmanship. Successfully combining practical frames with exquisite Prada style, this collection is definitely reflective of Prada’s ability to adapt and think outside of the box with innovative styling and the ability to consolidate high fashion with high function.

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