Mad Max - Fury Road

In some way or another we can all relate to the film Mad Max, while watching the film we develop an relationship with the hardworking law abiding policeman and when he loses the most important people in his life, his partner, wife and son we feel his pain. We watch a man that once had everything to live for slip into a state of madness. In this vision of an apocalyptic future Mad Max takes the law into his own hands and becomes judge, juror and executioner making him the antihero on the road to vengeance.

Shade Station have put together this fun infographic where we can see the evolution of The Road Warrior. Taking us on his journey to revenge as brought three sequels to the Mad Max film. Mad Max Fury Road is the latest to be released and the date is rumoured to be Friday 15 May 2015. Our infographic shows the remarkable work technology and effort behind Road Fury, with four superb main locations, 80% of the stunts being real practical effects and a budget of $100,000.000 as well as an incredible cast we can all have something to look forward for. Get the date in your calendar now.. we can see these movie tickets selling out!
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