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Revo Sunglasses

The Revo sunglasses brand was founded in 1985 and is the company responsible for introducing incredibly forward thinking and revolutionary technology to the eyewear industry. In fact, the brand name Revo is an abbreviation of the word ‘Revolution’.

When it was founded, Revo believed that the innovative and cutting edge NASA technology could be just as effective when incorporated into the lenses of sunglasses as it was for satellites and thus the end products can today be described as one of the most uniquely advanced collection of sunglasses available.

All sunglasses within the Revo collection feature multi-layer lenses and the exclusive Light Management System (LMS), developed by NASA for a special project designed for the portholes of their space shuttle. This LMS technology ensures perfect vision and maximum protection from sunlight. The LMS system was applied exclusively to Revo glasses, which are also available with polarised filters. 

The Revo collection comprises of four collections; Metal, Eco, Acetate and Classic, all of which are geared towards varying purposes and some are more trend inspired but all maintain highly sleek, dynamic and ultra modern looks with incredibly stylish frame designs in an array of vibrant colours. Revo sunglasses are renowned for their lightweight and highly durable polycarbonate lenses – these are particularly ideal for use during sporting activities. Some models within the range also include photochromatic lenses which work by automatically balancing and adapting to light conditions and enables perfect visual clarity.

Revo is continually working to discover new innovative ways to produce cutting edge sunglasses and therefore dedicate a substantial amount of time to research to ensure that Revo sunglasses move beyond the current standards for polarized lens performance and clarity. Revo also partners with adventure-based philanthropists Jimmy Chin and Alexandra Cousteau and has recently collaborated with Australian surfer Wayne Lynch. By partnering with experts in these fields, the brand can be assured that they know what is required from their sunglasses and lenses and can design according to only the highest of standards. 

Ultimately Revo’s core brand mission to create the clearest and most advanced collection of polarized sunglasses that far surpasses anything the industry has seen.

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