Prada PR19NS

The Prada PR19NS takes on the traditional pilot look and revitalises it with some modern, seamlessly cutting-edge designs. The PR19NS really accentuates the look of clarity and high fashion, with a stunning bridge feature that brings attention to this evocative, seductive pair of sunglasses. The arms taper off beautifully to create a piece as eye-catching as it is protective, thanks to the UVA/B protecting lenses.

Prada sunglasses are fabulously executed, with some amazingly versatile pieces taking centre-stage this season. Utilising a whole array of different styles and iconic takes on traditional frames, the Prada sunglasses are wonderfully made and a pleasure to witness. On our website, Shade Station's collection of Prada sunglasses are considered some of the best pieces we display. Take a look and see why they are held in such high regard.

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