Prada PR05MS

A highly distinctive and ultra chic pair of Prada sunglasses, the PR05MS style is a unisex design and possesses that high-fashion appeal whilst also being edgy and unique. The style features an oversized frame and what makes these sunglasses striking is the way in which the upper outer frame corners are subtly pointed therefore creating a cat-eye effect finish. The tapered arms are sleek, become narrower towards the ear stems and also display the iconic Prada logo adjacent to the hinge. The aesthetic detailing on this style remains simple and minimal to accentuate the bold frame shape. The PR05MS sunglasses are available in colours including a gloss black frame with grey lenses, and a Havana frame with graduated brown lenses. These are the perfect style of sunglasses if you favour the oversized look, but with a sultry and unique edge!

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