Prada PR02MS

 An ultra modern design by Prada that perfect unites the high–fashion oversized trend with edgy and sporty. The PR02MS Prada sunglasses are a unisex style and feature an oversized and predominantly square shaped frame but with subtly rounded edges at the lower frame section and smooth contours to soften the overall bold aesthetic of the style. The frame also curves at the centre to provide a more defined edge to the shape and the bridge section is filled which therefore makes the PR02MS design that little more sporty. The wide statement arms begin from the top corners of the frame, narrow at the ear stems and the iconic Prada logo is displayed adjacent to the hinge, subtly emphasised by two horizontal slim metal lines for added aesthetic effect. The PR02MS Prada sunglasses are available in colour options including a black frame with black lenses and a tortoiseshell frame with brown lenses. These sunglasses are ideal if you like the oversized look, but also want to fuse this with a more sporty and casual edge.

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