Prada PR01OS

The PR01OS takes hard-working material and softly sweeping design to create a masterpiece of incredible proportions. The slick, thin arms give way to super-comfortable frames and a pair of UVA/B protecting lenses that are held up with some stunning detailing on the frame. The PR01OS strengthens an already resilient and beautiful style and shows why Prada are among the top fashion houses the world has ever seen.

Prada sunglasses have character and charisma all sorted, with their extensive collections of beautiful pieces. Striving to create and inspire, the Prada sunglass range comes from high fashion to high street without missing a step. Come and take a look at our collection and see what all the fashionistas are talking about. 

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Frame: Glossy black with gold detailing and the Prada logo on arms
Lens: Graduated grey