Police S8531

A highly trendy and statement pair of retro inspired Police sunglasses, this unisex style will definitely add unique expression to your personal style! The S8531 sunglasses feature an oversized frame that has a distinctive three-dimensional effect finish, an upwards curving bridge and an accentuated top bar that is typically a different tone to that of the main frame and extends to the hinge. The arms are sleek and streamlined and display the iconic Police logo upon the hinge section. The shape of the frame is expertly designed to achieve a subtly squared and angled finish but with smooth curves and contours to soften the overall effect and make the design more versatile and wearable. The S8531 Police sunglasses are available in colours including a black and gunmetal frame with grey lenses, and a brown and gunmetal frame with brown lenses. These sunglasses are perfect if you like to infuse a vintage inspired twist into your look but with the modern and ultra chic Police style.

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