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Philippe Starck is on of the best-known contemporary designers in the world. He has not only received public acclaim for his amazing building interior designs but has also proved to be an accomplished architect and product designer. Much of his work produced in the 1980's and 1990's was influenced by fashion and novelty. It has even been referred to by some as being 'overdesigned'. In the 21st century his approach to design seems to have changed.Starck has recently promoted the ethos that honesty and integrity should be at the core of design. Products should not be created as 'throw away artifacts', only surviving for as long as they remain in fashion but should ideally have longevity and durability. He believes that as designers we need to be both honest and objective.

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Philippe Starck Watches - The Ultimate Showpiece!

Philippe Starck watches really can be placed in a niche of their own. The man behind the creations, Philippe Starck, is a renowned for his interior design work as well as being famous for his homeware items that move beyond the...

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