Oliver Peoples Lamour

A super sleek and distinctive pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses for ladies, the Lamour design is an oversized style that exudes sophistication and femininity. Boasting a semi-rimless frame, the Lamour style perfectly fuses the combination of metal and colour. The frame covers the top half of the lenses and features elegant pearl enameling along the top bar and temple. The frame beautifully sweeps over the lenses to then create the arms and ear socks are also included for added colour definition. The Lamour style is available in tones including maroon and gold, white and gold and textured brown and gold; all stunningly luxurious and soft shades that compliment most skin tones. The sunglasses also include silicone nose pads for exceptional comfort and a flawless fit. Perfect for conveying a polished approach towards your personal style!

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