Gucci GG1944

The GG1944 Gucci sunglasses are a super chic and smart style for men and can be described an oversized aviator with a strikingly masculine edge. The design features a sleek metal frame with a minimal bridge section, accentuating the oversized style of the teardrop shaped lenses. The arms are streamlined, curve at the ear stems and display the iconic Gucci ‘G’ logo adjacent to the hinge in addition to featuring the coloured Gucci print along the entire length of the arms. The GG1944 sunglasses are available in a selection of wearable and modern colour combinations including a silver frame with brown tortoiseshell arms, a black and white Gucci print and graduated brown lenses to name just one example. This is the ideal Gucci style if you favour the classic look of the aviator but with the contemporary and luxurious Gucci twist.

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