Gucci GG1648

One of Gucci’s more sporty designs the GG1648 Gucci sunglasses are a design for men and are an oversized wrap style with smooth contours for a flattering finish. The sunglasses feature a flat top frame section and a rounded lower section whereby the frame becomes wider as it moves away from the centre. The bridge section is filled, accentuating the sporty tone of the design and the frame also features a top bar, infusing a masculine finish. The arms begin from the top corners of the frame, are tapered and the Gucci logo is displayed adjacent to the hinge. The GG1648 sunglasses are available in colours including a light tortoiseshell frame with brown lenses and a matte black frame with grey lenses for a more neutral and classic finish. These are a great pair of sunglasses that fuse sporty with stylish are incredibly versatile, adding impact to every look.

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