Gucci GG3188

A fresh and ultra glamorous pair of Gucci sunglasses, the GG3188 design for ladies is simple and versatile whilst being beautifully striking. These oversized sunglasses feature a thick square shaped frame that becomes wider as it progresses outwards, infusing depth and definition to the style. The arms are elegantly streamlined and feature the iconic Gucci red and green print upon the hinge section in addition to the ‘G’ Gucci logo. The Gucci signature is also subtly etched into the top corner of one of the lenses. Colour is a prominent feature within the GG3188 style with versions including a chic graduated red to orange toned frame with graduated brown lenses. If you’re looking to capture the essence of feminine and sophisticated Hollywood style, the GG3188 Gucci sunglasses are the perfect design to achieve just that!

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