Gucci GG3166

If you’re looking to infuse a sense of A list style into your everyday look, the GG3166 Gucci sunglasses for ladies could be just the sunglass design you’re seeking, adding the true essence of the luxurious Gucci touch to every ensemble. A medium-sized oversized design, the GG3166 sunglasses feature a rectangular shaped frame that becomes wider as it progresses away from the centre, injecting a modern edge to the classic style. The arms are elegantly tapered and ornate aesthetic detailing can be seen upon the hinge, which is accentuated with beautiful metal detailing presented in the shape of the iconic Gucci logo in addition to featuring the red and black Gucci print. The remainder of the style is kept minimal and simple, emphasising the versatility that these sunglasses have to offer. The GG3166 Gucci sunglasses are available in chic colours including a shiny black frame with gold hinge detailing and graduated grey lenses, and for something a touch more vibrant, a purple frame with gold hinge detailing and graduated grey lenses to name just two options.

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Frame: Black frame with Gucci logo and print on hinge
Lens: Graduated grey