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Gucci GG3165

The perfect pair of sunglasses can add immense impact to your look and the GG3165 Gucci sunglasses for ladies are a definitely a design that will achieve this, with their 50’s inspired edge but with the contemporary Gucci twist. Striking and statement yet demure and feminine, the GG3165 Gucci sunglasses will fast become your go-to accessory when you want to look polished, pristine and sophisticated. The style features a large and rounded frame with defined and accentuated upper outer frame corners, creating a sultry and feline cat-eye finish to the overall shape. The elongated and tapered arms begin from the top of the frame corners and the sleek Gucci logo is displayed in metal upon the hinge. To infuse a modern touch to the design, the frame also features coloured or patterned trim detailing, depending on the GG3165 version you choose, adding the perfect finishing touch to this stunningly exquisite style. Colour options include a cream frame with a white interior, tortoiseshell trim detailing and graduated brown lenses, and a black frame with white and grey trim detailing and graduated brown lenses to name just two examples. Timelessly chic, the GG3165 sunglasses completely embody the luxurious and refined Gucci style.

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