Dragon Repo

One of the true classics within the Dragon sunglasses collection, the Repo sunglasses are a unisex wraparound style that never fail to add a sense of the strong and competitive Dragon attitude to your look! This sleek design features a lightweight but highly durable and impact resistant frame with rectangular shaped lenses that are moderately narrower than seen on some wraparound styles and are therefore ideal for those seeking a less oversized design. The arms are tapered and curve inwards and downwards at the ear stems and the iconic Dragon logo is displayed adjacent to the hinge. The logo is typically grey/silver or gold depending on the specific version you opt for. The Repo colour choices include a jet-black frame with grey lenses, a tortoiseshell frame with bronze lenses and a black frame with a multi-toned striped interior and grey lenses for a splash of colour. A selection of Dragon Repo sunglasses come equipped with polarised lenses that effectively minimise glare and provide ultimate protection from UVA, UVB and harmful blue light.

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