2011 Fashion Trends

Fashionistas sit up and take note! Those in the know have made their style predictions for the year ahead and it's looking like another vintage inspired annum... The following trends are going to be hot in 2011 and as always...

Sunglasses Style Update – Summer 2010

The sun is finally shining and this summer, you can be assured that your peepers will be fully protected in addition to looking ultra stylish with the wide array of sunglasses from a selection of incredible brands on offer here...

Dsquared's debut sunglasses collection!

Dsquared is the hip label loved by all celebrities. Their clothing is regularly seen on Justin Timberlake, Lenny Kravitz and Ricky Martin. Madonna had them design costumes for her Drowned World Tour in 2001. Christina Aguilera...

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D Squared Sunglasses

DSquared Sunglasses - D Squared Sunglasses - DSquared2 Sunglasses

Canadian twins Dean and Dan Caten are the creators of super cool brand D Squared. Combining a homely feel of Canada with the chic realms of Italy , the D Squared brand is dynamic, extremely stylish and sexy. Renowned for their elaborate and bold creations, Dean and Dan are responsible for designing the costumes of some of the most famous pop stars including Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake and countless other celebrities are huge fans of the edgy and unique D Squared style. We are very excited to announce that the brand have just launched their new range of sunglasses. Including a fantastic range of oversized frames for both men and women, the styles are bold, sexy and dramatic amalgamated with an essence of urban and street. The two party boy designers have definitely surpassed themselves with this fantastic range of shades which are sure to be a hit with all the A Listers.

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