Coeur De Lion Earrings

If you’re looking for a pair of earrings that are alluringly unique and striking yet demure and versatile, the collection of Coeur De Lion earrings are sure to appeal. With a fun and playful edge, Coeur De Lion earrings are also chic and elegant. Many styles feature the signature Coeur De Lion cube shaped beads with each set boasting a coloured theme such as sea blue, green and silver and gold, black and amber. There are a wide variety of colours to select from meaning that an array of style tastes are catered for. The materials used to create Coeur De Lion earrings include solid coloured tiger's eye, steel and Swarovski elements for a hint of glamour and sparkle, making the earrings versatile for day and evening. Other styles include simple yet striking rounded earrings incorporating materials such as rhodium plated metal and Swarovski elements. Coeur De Lion earrings are the perfect way to infuse a modern and unique boho chic twist to your look and due to their original aesthetics, will remain timelessly stylish for years to come.

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