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Frame: Dappled black and white frame with detailed hinge
Lens: Graduated grey
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A beautifully unique and striking pair of BVLGARI sunglasses for ladies, the BV8077 design is highly representative of the iconic and retro inspired Hollywood style. This oversized design features an oval shaped frame whereby the vertical exterior edges are wider than the remainder of the frame, infusing a hint of the highly stylish and sultry cat-eye effect. The arms are elegantly tapered and the temple section provides further ornate detailing, featuring a beautiful metal embellishment that wraps around the interior section of the arm. The BV8077 design is available in an array of colour fusions including a dappled black and white frame with black arms, silver hinge detailing and graduated grey lenses, and a tiger print frame with gold hinge detailing and brown lenses. Classic black is also in the offering for a more neutral finish. These are the perfect BVLGARI sunglasses to opt for if you like to inject a show-stopping finish to your look!

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