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Half Wire 3.0 Sunglasses

Oakley's original Half Wire Sunglasses were a style that had never really been seen before; a half rimmed wire frame. The Oakley Half Wire 3.0 take inspiration from this original style and take it to a whole new level with spring loaded hinges and a comfortable fit around the vast majority of heads. This usability is thanks to Oakley's 'Three-Point-Fit' technology which ensures that it only contacts your head in three areas; above your ears and on your nose!

The Oakley Half Wire 3.0 Sunglasses also contain Oakley's Plutonite Lenses which have HDO (HD Optics) and XYZ Optics built into them.

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Oakley Half Wire 3.0

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This technology cuts out refraction of light meaning that your eyes will never strain therefore removing those annoying sunglass headaches you may get with other brands!

Unobtanium earsocks are placed on the earstems and will ensure that the Half Wire 3.0 Sunglasses stay on your face all day long. Unobtanium is a patented compound which actually becomes more adhesive when wet, all without pulling your hair out.

Stability and amazing optical clarity for a half rimmed sunglass are just two reasons to get the Oakley Half Wire 3.0 Sunglasses, but I'm sure you will find a bunch more when they arrive at your door!

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