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The Trendsetters Rock their Ray-Ban Geek-Chic Glasses

March 6, 2013
Posted by Dan

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A huge key glasses trend for 2011 is the ‘geek-chic’ or ‘preppy’ look with a number of celebrities including Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Kate Moss and Alexa Chung rocking their geeky specs. There is one eyewear brand that has got this spot on with a number of styles in the recent collection, perfectly capturing the geek-chic look with a modern twist.

You really cant go wrong with iconic eyewear brand Ray-Ban and the recent collection of Ray-Ban glasses features an array of styles for men and women that are ideal for channeling the geek-chic look and tailoring it to compliment your personal style. Whether you prefer bold, statement and sassy or more refined and demure, Ray-Ban has all bases covered!

The original Wayfarer is still going strong, and Ray-Ban has incorporated the famous style into its eyewear range. Featuring a thick frame with metal accents upon the temples, this is definitely ideal if you are seeking a bold pair of preppy style glasses and the design will course, remain timelessly stylish season after season meaning that the Wayfarer glasses are a great investment.

If you like the overall look of the Wayfarer but are perhaps looking for something a little less boxy, Ray-Ban has a fantastically diverse selection of other styles ranging from more rounded frames to narrow and rectangular shaped designs. This means that it’s simple to achieve the geek-chic look but adapt it flatter your face shape, and of course, to your environment. Each style also typically comes in a variety of colours and patterns, again allowing you to really tailor the glasses to your style preference.

There are a number of celebrity fans of Ray-Ban glasses including Laya Lewis and Jessica Sula who play Liv and Grace in the E4 television show Skins, both of whom love the preppy inspired glasses look and definitely work it in style! Other fans of Ray-Ban glasses include Leona Lewis and Tinie Tempah who is rarely photographed without his Ray-Ban specs. The look is definitely hot news on the fashion scene, regardless of whether you actually need glasses or not!

Ray-Ban glasses are a great fashion and practical investment as they never go out style and boast extremely high quality craftsmanship and materials. The Ray-Ban glasses collection is incredibly varied so make sure you check out the array of styles as we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your personality and lifestyle in true geek-chic style!

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