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Sunglasses Style Update – Autumn Winter 2010

October 6, 2010
Posted by David

Just because the cooler climates are here, that doesn’t mean that your sunglasses won’t make an appearance this season. In fact, sunglasses are still one of the most wearable types of accessories in the autumn and winter months as regardless of the temperature, your eyes still need to be protected from the rays of the sun. Lucky for you, here at Shade Station, we have an incredible array of sunglasses by a wide range of designer brands as we recognise that sunglasses are important not only for functional purposes, but also as a way of defining and conveying your unique personal style, adding character to your look and injecting a polished or creative edge to your ensemble.

The Shade Station sunglasses collection is extremely diverse so you can be assured that you will find the perfect pair of shades to fully compliment your autumn/winter look.

First up, Adidas sunglasses are a prominent part of our collection and are proving incredibly popular with the brand’s selection of sporty, slick, sharp and super trendy sunglasses for men and women. Ranging from oversized retro designs to chic frameless visors and ultra contemporary wraparounds, bold and vibrant colour is a common theme throughout the collection and in true Adidas style, only the highest quality and superior function is equalled with flawless style.

For the essence of Italian chic, Armani sunglasses are the perfect option with sophisticated styling and versatile designs ranging from contemporary oversized aviators to classic and understated but statement wraparounds. Elegant colour is a popular theme including oversized Armani sunglasses with a black to pink fading pattern and brown and bronze tortoiseshell. The Armani eagle logo is typically presented upon the arm hinge and you can be assured that each pair of Armani sunglasses makes the perfect style investment.

Arnette sunglasses are highly popular and the brand is incredibly respected for its sports orientated sunglasses that boast a strong attitude and sleek looks. The styles are typically wraparound but other designs in the mix include on-trend colour inspired oversized aviators such as the High Life style, in addition to more classic and sophisticated aviators including the One Time design. Arnette sunglasses certainly prove that you can creatively fuse stylish looks with superb function and performance.

The ultra glamorous, elegant and bold BVLAGRI has some wonderful new styles for autumn/winter that are highly reflective of the luxurious essence of the brand. Featuring aesthetic elements such as elaborately and beautifully decorated hinge detailing and exquisitely oversized frames such as the new BV8070B, colour is also a strong feature within the BVLGARI sunglasses collection. Take a look at the new stunning BV8069B sunglasses for example, featuring a stunning brown and bronze tortoiseshell patterned frame. These sunglasses are perfect for capturing the chic autumnal look!

The bold, vibrant and colourful Carrera brand is famous for its collection of retro inspired, sporty and ultra fashionable designs and with the likes of Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys loving the cool style of Carrera sunglasses, they are definitely a hot favourite on the style scene. The new retro inspired Daytona 1 Carrera sunglasses with their black frame and red arms and interior are a style that is perfect for autumn/winter, and the new Endurance Carrera sunglasses are a further style addition that proves the winter season doesn’t have to be a colourless one! Perfect for making a distinctive style statement!

Chanel is a classic and timeless brand; synonymous with all things elegant, luxurious and sought after and the collection of Chanel sunglasses are certainly no different. With stunning hinge detailings, ultra feminine oversized frames in addition to a variety of other frame styles to choose from, a pair of Chanel sunglasses makes the perfect lifetime investment, created by a label that is regarded as one of the most desired in the world. Make sure you take a look at the new styles for this season including the CH5184 Chanel sunglasses with their beautiful textured cream arms and oversized thick tortoiseshell frame. This Chanel style perfectly captures the essence and colour palette of the autumn season.

D&G never fail to impress with their consistently forward thinking yet classically stylish sunglasses that maintain a timelessly fashionable appeal. D&G is famous for its love of vibrant fashion and the oversized and graduated violet DD3058 D&G sunglasses are a great example of this fresh and fun style but with a sophisticated edge. Other styles include sleek aviators and more dramatically oversized options for the ultimate style diva! D&G sunglasses are highly representative of exquisite Italian style and match incredible quality and function with amazingly chic aesthetics.

Dior is a further designer brand that continues to dazzle and impress with its collection of exquisitely designed sunglasses. A new style in the Dior offering includes the ultra chic and statement Diorissima 2 sunglasses for ladies which can be described as a feminine and glamorous visor style. Available in an array of colours including pink, red and blue, these would make the perfectly chic winter accessory! There are also many other designs by Dior sunglasses ranging from the dramatically oversized Model sunglasses to the demure but uniquely shaped Diorette sunglasses.

Dolce & Gabbana is renowned for its love of boho inspired fashion and this is definitely reflected in the super stylish and fashion forward sunglasses collection. The new oversized DG4087 sunglasses for ladies for example, with their brown and bronze tortoiseshell frame and sleek gold plated hinge detailing are great for channelling your boho-esque autumn/winter style. If you are after something a bit more classic and understated yet still sophisticated and representing the essence of high fashion, the new DG2083 aviators for ladies are super versatile and are feminine without being too overly ‘girly’!

You definitely must check out the collection of Fendi sunglasses whereby originality is definitely at the forefront of design! Take a look at the FS5083 Fendi sunglasses for example which is a style as worn by Lady Gaga. Some pairs are designed to be worn with confidence whereas others are styled with a more understated tone but still possessing those creative Fendi elements that make the sunglasses so sought after and highly noted in the fashion industry.

Gucci will always be a firm favourite, and if you are looking for a classic and timelessly chic pair of sunglasses with the added wow factor, then a pair of fabulous Gucci sunglasses are the perfect choice. With distinctive yet understated aesthetic detailing including elegant hinge detailing and creative use of colour and merging tones, Gucci provides an array of styles from the new sports-luxe inspired GG1628 unisex sunglasses, to the classically glamorous and dramatic GG3139 Gucci sunglasses for ladies.

We didn’t think it would be long before pop star, actress and all-round entertainment sensation Madonna would team up with her long time friends, design duo Dolce and Gabbana to create something spectacular. The result of the recent collaboration is the collection of MDG Madonna for Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses and we have to say, you won’t be disappointed! Conveying a fusion of elegance, statement style, a hint of sparkle and sophistication, the range comprises of a wide variety of frame designs, all featuring the MDG logo, with the M suitably embellished in diamante stones!

One of the most talked about films of the year is Sex and the City 2 and regardless of what most of us thought about the plot, we can’t deny that the clothes and accessories were to die for! Jee Vice sunglasses are one of the sunglasses brands as seen on the four protagonists and in conjunction with the launch of the film, we introduced Jee Vice sunglasses to the Shade Station offering. Designed for sassy, stylish and confident ladies, each pair is created with a personality in mind – reflected in the name of the styles which include Heated (as worn by Carrie Bradshaw), Eccentric, Spicy, Sassy and Red Hot (as worn by Samantha Jones). Colour, texture and bold, fearless style are common themes throughout the whole range, and it’s easy to see why Jee Vice is currently a hot favourite on the stylish streets of LA. Now you can get a piece of the Hollywood style action for yourself!

If you like a splash of colour but in an elegant and demure style, the Just Cavalli sunglasses collection has some wonderful styles to choose from. Typically oversized, the striking aesthetic elements include beautiful and striking hinge detailing, unique arm designs and visually exciting and original colour amalgamations.

Oakley sunglasses are highly renowned and respected for their superior use of technical innovation, and the brand continually impresses with its range of sunglasses; all boasting the very latest lens technologies and frame materials unique to the Oakley brand. Oakley sunglasses are definitely the choice to opt for if you are seeking the ultimate in visual clarity, flawless construction and incredible style. Some of the new releases include the Oakley Alinghi collection – named in honour of the Swiss Alinghi sailing team range, the amazingly sleek Split Jacket and the ladies chic but statement Hinder sunglasses. Superior technologies unique to Oakley include High Definition Optics, polarized lenses and the innovative Three-Point Fit frame structure for a precise and comfortable fit. Make sure you take a look at the technical specifications of each style for a more in-depth description.

Police sunglasses and Prada sunglasses are two further classic designer brands that provide striking style, versatility and fantastic quality and function in their range of sunglasses. With a wide selection of oversized styles, aviators, wraparounds and visors, you can be assured that you are investing in a pair of timelessly fashionable sunglasses that work with a variety of looks.

Prada Sport sunglasses are the more sporty orientated and lifestyle section of the main Prada line and the sunglasses within this collection all feature the distinctive Prada Sport red line logo and are perfect for sports or for someone who enjoys and on-the-go lifestyle and requires a pair of sunglasses to suit this, but also of course, wants to look polished and stylish! There are some great new styles for this season including the visor inspired unisex PS44LS Prada Sport sunglasses and the chic unisex PS01LS in classic black and sporting a wrapped fit.

As colour and pattern is still a key look moving into autumn/winter, Pucci is a brand that perfectly captures this is in its own unique and vibrant manner that has been prominent on the style scene since the 1950’s. Depicting the essence of glamour and sophistication, a new Pucci style includes the ultra feminine and oversized EP645SR sunglasses whereby the frame slightly extends outside of the lenses and also features an exquisitely detailed hinge. Eclectic, bold and oozing chic and glamour, Pucci sunglasses are perfect for year-round style!

When it comes to classic brands, you can’t get more classic and timeless than Ray-Ban yet this is one of the brands that still remains one of the most popular and iconic on the style scene. Ray-Ban sunglasses are constantly spotted on all the celebrities and trend icons with the numerous designs for men and women boasting vibrant colour tones and patterns for a trend inspired finish, in addition to the classic versions still being prominent favourites. Make sure you check out the range of Ray-Ban Aviators, Wayfarers, Clubmasters and new and original styles including the RB4141 collection and the RB3386 range to view the new versions for this season.

Revo sunglasses are a further sports orientated brand and the collection of sunglasses definitely fuses superior technology, function and performance with great style. Revo has therefore become one of the major players in the eyewear industry with sleek and fierce styles that incorporate highly superior and functional polarized lenses for maximum eye protection and visual clarity. The styles remain simple, sharp and sleek including the Belay and the Grand Classic designs as examples, but with a definite attitude that shows you mean business and incorporating only the most innovative and modern uses of lens technologies. What is also favourable about Revo sunglasses is that they include fashion orientated styles within the collection such as the Grand Sixties collection and the Transom Titanium range.

Tom Ford sunglasses are the perfect choice if you are looking for a pair of shades that define the essence of sophistication and elegance but also provide the option to choose something that is a little more unique and bold in design. Tom Ford has some wonderfully feminine new styles in the mix including the new triangular shaped Karina sunglasses and the new unisex Cary sunglasses which feature a dark tortoiseshell toned frame and arms and are reminiscent of a Wayfarer design. For something ultra unique, the Tom Ford Nico sunglasses are sure to make a striking statement, whereas the chic Marco aviators provide something that little more classic and demure. A great collection if you are looking for an eclectic combination of styles. 

These are just a selection of brands in our sunglasses collection with others including Burberry sunglasses, D Squared sunglasses, Dragon sunglasses, Persol sunglasses, Roberto Cavalli sunglasses, Versace sunglasses, Vintage sunglasses and Von Zipper sunglasses. Make sure you take a look at our dedicated Shade Station sunglasses page to view our entire brand listing.

Here at Shade Station, we frequently update our brand collections and add new and exciting styles to our existing collections as we recognise that technology and style is constantly evolving and want to ensure that our customers are able to view the best possible choices that are reflective of what is currently happening in the eyewear, fashion and sunglasses industry. Therefore, regardless of whether you base your look on trend inspiration or favour a more eclectic and unique personal style, we have a pair of sunglasses to compliment every desire. If you require a pair of sunglasses that are geared specifically towards sport, we also have an incredibly diverse collection from a range of sports orientated brands.

You can also follow our Style Blog to keep an eye on what styles and brands are new to our shelves and of course, what all the celebs and fashion icons are currently wearing! And if that isn’t enough, you can also follow us on Twitter @shadestation for daily style and brand updates!

Whatever style of sunglasses you are seeking, or even if you are looking at our website to find inspiration to try something new, we have all the latest, innovative, functional, contemporary and classic styles to ensure that we fulfil every requirement you may have when looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses this season or beyond.

From all of us here at Shade Station, we wish you a very warm, happy and stylish autumn/winter!

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