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Revo Sunglasses – The Revolutionary Sunglasses Brand Now at Shade Station!

May 11, 2010
Posted by David
Revo Sunglasses - New to Shade Station

Revo Sunglasses - New to Shade Station

Another new brand ready for an introduction! We are very excited to now have Revo sunglasses here at Shade Station – Revo certainly produce the crème de la crème of performance orientated outdoor sunglasses and will definitely appeal to those of you who are interested in space science technology!

The Revo sunglasses brand was founded in 1985 and right from the beginning had the intention of designing technically advanced sunglasses – it seemed fitting that the brand name should be Revo which an abbreviation of the word ‘Revolution’ which completely sums up the essence of the brand!

Revo Sunglasses – NASA Technology

Revo sunglasses were developed by an optical engineer working on a NASA research project who was developing special coatings for lenses on defence system satellites. The goal was to protect the precision lenses and optics from the sun’s harsh and damaging rays in space and he experimented with applying the same multi-layer thin film coatings to the lenses of his own sunglasses. This proved instantly effective and the Revo brand was born. Therefore all Revo sunglasses feature multi-layer lenses and the exclusive Light Management System (LMS) used by NASA. The finished lens works like a graphic equalizer to selectively transmit light that achieves optimum visual clarity whilst minimising potentially harmful light that damages the eyes. The LMS system has been applied exclusively to Revo sunglasses making them completely unique and at the forefront of the eyewear industry.

Revo Sunglasses – The Collections

The Revo collection is made up of four different ranges; Metal, Eco, Acetate and Classic, all of which are geared towards varying purposes and some are more trend inspired (especially the Classic range), but all boast ultra modern and dynamic aesthetic style (even the frames that take inspiration from retro styles feature unique contemporary twists in keeping with the cutting edge lens technology). The frames are available in numerous colours and are renowned for their lightweight and highly durable polycarbonate lenses – great for use during sports! Some models within the range also include photochromatic lenses which work by automatically balancing and adapting to light conditions and enables perfect visual clarity.

Revo Sunglasses – A Dedicated Team of Experts

Always remaining one step ahead of technology, Revo is aware of the importance of seeking the advice of those who are experts in the science and sports fields and therefore the brand has partnered with adventure-based philanthropists Jimmy Chin and Alexandra Cousteau and has recently collaborated with Australian surfer Wayne Lynch. By taking onboard the skill and knowledge of these experts, Revo can design their sunglasses according to only the highest of standards. Ultimately Revo’s brand mission to create the clearest and most advanced collection of polarized sunglasses that far surpasses anything the industry has seen and we are positive that you’re going to be mighty impressed with this collection!

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