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ReviewStation: Oakley Obsessed Sunglasses

January 22, 2013
Posted by Dan

Oakley-Obsessed-1The Oakley Obsessed Sunglasses are a brand new women’s pair which are due for release in early 2013. Oakley Sunglasses have always strived to have a vast and impressive women’s sunglass range, and with the release of the Oakley Obsessed Sunglasses, they are very much on their way to achieving this goal. There is a huge selection of colours in this new style, ranging from Cherry Red to Chocolate Sin, you are bound to find something that will suit you! Beautifully defined lines and a fashion focussed image make them an amazing addition to any outfit, all whilst keeping your eyes safe and sound from those harmful UV rays. Also including an appearance from the much missed ‘glitter’ style frames, they are going to be a hit amongst fashionistas around the world.

Let’s start by taking a look at the frames; they are made from Oakley’s patented O Matter plastic compound which is impact resistant to the same standards as industrial strength eyewear to make sure that if anything hits them, your eyes will stay 100% unscathed! Designed to be flexible, yet incredibly durable they will sit comfortably on your face on a day to day basis utilising Oakley’s ‘Three-Point-Fit’ system; this ensures that they will only contact your face in three areas and will therefore fit the vast majority of head shapes and sizes. Unobtanium nosepads mean that the Obsessed sunglasses will stay on your face even if you sweat or they become wet by adhering to your nose rather than slipping and on top of all of this, Oakley have added beautiful temple designs which offset the flowing lines and tapered earstems for the perfect women’s sunglass look!

Undoubtedly, Oakley’s lenses are the best in the world and the Oakley Obsessed Sunglasses contain their patented plutonite lens material which is 100% optically correct and will amend any refraction of light through the lenses. This is known as HD and XYZ optics; technology which is exclusive to Oakley and will stop any of those annoying sunglass headaches or eye strain that you may get from cheaper brands. Oakley’s plutonite lenses are also completely UVA, UVB and UVC protective and unlike other sunglasses, this is actually built into the lens material meaning that if they become chipped or scratched in any way, your eyes will still be kept away from the harmful sunlight. Take a look at the video review below and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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