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ReviewStation: Oakley News Flash Sunglasses

January 16, 2013
Posted by Dan

Oakley-News-Flash-Sunglasses-1With the turn of the year, Oakley Sunglasses have released a whole plethora of new women’s models which are looking better than ever! In this blog we are going to be taking a closer look at the brand new Oakley News Flash Sunglasses, a range which takes the conventional and turns it on it’s head with multi-toned half translucent frames and amazing patented Plutonite lenses. Oakley are always looking at ways to push the boat out with their sunglasses, and the Oakley News Flash Sunglasses certainly do that, and do it in style. What makes the News Flash Sunglasses so fascinating is the way that Oakley have successfully managed to marry innovative, cutting edge technology with on trend women’s sunglass styling; a feature that no other brand has done.

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the frame; made from Oakley’s patented O Matter compound, the frames are lightweight yet durable and will sit comfortably on your face all day without hurting your face. This is down to Oakley’s ‘three-point fit system’ which ensures the sunglasses only contact your face in three areas; above your ears and on the bridge of your nose, which also means that they will fit the vast majority of head sizes and shapes. Safety for your eyes is paramount and Oakley know this; their O Matter frame material is impact tested to the same level as industrial strength eyewear which will give you peace of mind at all times whatever you want to use your sunglasses for. Aesthetically the Oakley News Flash Sunglasses will please even the fussiest of fashionistas out there with multi-toned half translucent frames and beautiful colour schemes such as Pomegranate and Tortoise Dusk.

Lenses are Oakley Sunglases’ most talked about feature and this comes as no surprise once you have taken a closer look at them; over 600 patents protect their lenses alone and you can be assured that you are receiving the best lenses that money can buy. Oakley lenses are made from Plutonite, a polycarbonate compound which is manufactured at amazingly high temperatures is what gives them their fantastic clarity. HD and XYZ Optics are fitted into the Oakley News Flash Sunglasses also, meaning that you get un-distorted vision right up to the periphery of your sight.

Below is our latest episode in the ReviewStation range and it give you an up close and personal look at these incredible and beautiful pieces of eyewear. Make sure to leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

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