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Outstanding Oakley Announces New Releases

March 1, 2013
Posted by Dan

O-IconWe know how much you guys like our sneak previews, and luckily we have another one for you today with a cheeky glimpse at the new Oakley Sunglasses due for release in April! A whole plethora of brand new styles and colours are sure to dominate in the lead up to the summer months including; Oakley Style Switch Sunglasses, Oakley Pit Boss II Sunglasses, Oakley Two Face Sunglasses, New Moto GP Signature Oakley Sunglasses and a Tour de France Signature range. In this blog we are going to take a quick look at each of the new models and ranges and give you guys an inside look at these fantastic new Oakley Sunglasses!

Firstly let’s talk about the Oakley Style Switch Sunglasses, a new model which combines Oakley’s amazing Switchlock technology with a lifestyle frame; something completely unprecedented in the sunglass world. The frames are made from patented O Matter material which is lightweight and incredibly comfortable lending the Style Switch to easy everyday usage. Oakley’s inclusion of Switchlock means that you can switch your lenses any time, any where to suit the weather or your mood; something previously reserved for high-end sports performance eyewear. A range of replacement lenses are going to be available with the Oakley Style Switch Sunglasses meaning that these are going to allow for a truly customisable look on a conservative budget.

Next up is the Oakley Pit Boss II Sunglasses, the successor to the much loved Oakley Pit Boss Sunglasses, they have big shoes to fill however looking at the specifications, they have nailed it!  Made from a combination of Titanium and O Matter, the Oakley Pit Boss II Sunglasses are incredibly strong and durable whilst staying lightweight and comfortable should you wish to use them all day, every day. The lenses are made from Oakley’s patented Plutonite polycarbonate compound which is impact tested to the same level as industrial strength eyewear keeping your eyes safe and sound at all times. Not only safe, the Plutonite lenses contain Oakley’s HD Optics (HDO) and XYZ Optics which correct any refraction of light as it passes through the lens, meaning that the lenses are 100% optically correct – a trait that cannot be emulated by even the best of brands.

The new Oakley Two Face Sunglasses are a masterpiece in lifestyle eyewear, combining O Matter frame material and C-5 Metal Alloy to create a truly refined and masculine look for all ages. This unique style is something that has seldom been done before and is the embodiment of Oakley’s lifestyle range. It’s ‘Three-Point-Fit’ system means that it will only contact your face in three areas; above your ears and on your nose meaning that this amazing set of sunglasses will fit the vast majority of head sizes and shapes too. If all of this technology was not enough for you, Oakley have included Plutonite lenses in the frames for unrivalled optical clarity right up to the edge of your peripheral vision!

Another amazing new range is the new Oakley Moto GP Signature Sunglasses containing an Oakley MotoGP Deviation Sunglasses and Oakley MotoGP Garage Rock Sunglasses; this time with a couple of beautiful lens colours for a breath of fresh air in the MotoGP collection. Although fairly different in appearance, these two pairs offer very much the same protection with lightweight frames, ‘Three-Point-Fit’ technology and Plutonite lenses to boot! If you’re into your MotoGP, these are definitely the sunglasses for you.

Finally we have the Oakley Tour de France Sunglasses Collection containing Oakley TDF Half Jacket 2.0 XLJ Sunglasses and Oakley TDF Radarlock Path Sunglasses; both amazing sports performance frames with very different personalities and qualities. With the return of the Tour de France and how well it is being received nowadays, it was a little bit of a no-brainer for Oakley to release a TDF range and they offer the best eyewear technology available to purchase today. The Oakley TDF Half Jacket 2.0 XLJ Sunglasses are an affordable option for anyone looking to get into cycling with O Matter frame material, Plutonite lenses and patented Unobtanium earsocks for added grip! Moreover, the Oakley TDF Radarlock Path Sunglasses contain every piece of technology that has been mentioned this far and also utilises Switchlock technology for easy lens changes anytime; an invaluable asset to have when on a bike.

As aforementioned, these amazing frames are due for release in April 2013 and if you follow us on Facebook and Twitter, you can be kept up to date with daily updates!



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