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Chic & Fabulous Style with Prada Glasses

March 6, 2013
Posted by Dan

Prada-GlassesIn recent seasons, designer glasses have become a major fashion accessory, with style icons and trendsetters opting to wear glasses even if they don’t need them. Aside from of course providing improved vision, a fabulous pair of glasses can make a strong statement about your style and personality and can definitely infuse an element of fun and character into your everyday look!

The collection of Prada glasses couldn’t be more perfect for teaming practicality and high quality with exquisite style that is fashion forward yet timeless. The range features a number of ultra stylish frames for men and women, with each pair of Prada glasses the absolute representation of the designer label’s chic, sophisticated and bold Italian style.

A huge glasses trend that Prada has placed it own stamp on are the preppy inspired styles that are typically thick rimmed and rectangular or square in shape and will definitely add a sense of fun to your work wardrobe whilst remaining professional. The Prada glasses collection also includes semi-rimless and rimless frames, many of which are more classic and traditional but with the sleek and striking Prada twists. Some of the Prada glasses for ladies boast rich toned jewel embellishments for just a hint of glamour and many frames are available in a number of vibrant colours and patterns, enabling the wearer to go as bold or understated as they like.

Prada expertly combines classic and versatile style with a modern edge and a pair of Prada glasses can be worn to work any look right from from classy and elegant to edgy and trendy. Every design is made using the highest quality products possible, making each and every pair of Prada glasses a work of creative and technical art that aside from providing enhanced vision, will make a fabulously fashionable go-to accessory!

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