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A Closer Look: New Oakley Sunglasses 2013

January 3, 2013
Posted by Dan

A new year brings a brand new range of Oakley Sunglasses and what a year it is lining up to be already! Combinations of classic revamps and awesome new styles make for a season to remember for Oakley and here at Shade Station we like to ensure that you get the inside scoop before anyone else. Oakley are always pushing the boundaries and taking their sunglasses ‘Beyond Reason’, however there are a couple of models in this range which go above and beyond even this; styles such as Plaintiff Squared, Offshoot, Jupiter Factory Lite and News Flash are all thrown into the spotlight while new ladies sunglasses such as Given, Obsessed and LBD support the already innovative and expansive women’s collection.

Lets start by looking at the Oakley Plaintiff Squared Sunglasses, a pioneering twist on the Plaintiff – Oakley’s rendition of the classic teardrop shaped ‘Aviator’ style sunglasses. The first noticeable difference is the lenses and as you will see; the change of shape gives them a whole new persona. This ‘squaring off’ technique makes them suit the vast majority of head and face shapes and Oakley’s patented three-point fit system means that they will always fit! Made from the incredibly strong yet flexible C-5 Metal Alloy material, the Oakley Plaintiff Squared Sunglasses are set to really take off in 2013.

In the Autumn of 2012 we were treated to the release of the Oakley Big Taco Sunglasses, a larger framed sunglass which has a shed load of personality. This year Oakley have taken the Big Taco and moulded it into the Oakley Offshoot Sunglasses; they feature a shield lens and give the user an amazing field of view and visual clarity. As with all Oakley Sunglasses they feature patented Plutonite lenses which are made from a polycarbonate compound specifically designed to be tough yet optically correct. Oakley call this technology HDO or High Definition Optics, this means that light is not distorted as it passes through the lenses and you will have perfect vision at all times – completely eliminating those annoying ‘sunglass headaches’!

For us however the most exciting new release has to be the Oakley Jupiter Factory Lite Sunglasses, which are in fact a UK exclusive right here at Shade Station! Made from real Carbon Fibre and CNC machined aluminum, they are ultra-lightweight yet amazingly durable and have been tooled with tolerances of just 0.0005″! Oakley have fitted the frames with Twin Shock Hinges which were inspired by the leaf springs of professional racing machines and their flexible titanium alloy ensures a comfortable fit while providing a degree of hyper-flexing when necessary. On top of this, they have also been engineered with Unobtanium components on the arms to keep them secure on your head at all times. Unobtanium is Oakley’s patented rubber and is made from a compound which actually grips to your head the more it gets wet; allowing you to exert yourself and still have peace of mind that your sunglasses will stay put.

Taking a closer look at the new Oakley ladies sunglasses, it is clear to see that they have honed in on the all important trend and styling element; utilising ideas from the more fashion focused sunglass brands and combining them with their own innovative technology. One of the most exciting new styles are the Oakley News Flash Sunglasses which take a classic shape and given it a complete overhaul; adding striking temple designs and shapes to give the News Flash Sunglasses that added dimension. Colours are used to fantastic effect with multi-toned frames and conveniently practical lenses. The Oakley News Flash Sunglasses are made from Oakley’s patented O Matter frame material; a compound which is incredibly strong yet durable and which is tested to the same degree as industrial strength eyewear!

Much like the Oakley Daisy Chain Sunglasses, the Oakley Given Sunglasses use the classic ‘Aviator’ shape lenses to devastatingly wonderful effect. The thin C-5 Alloy frames feature beautiful temple designs and the multi-toned frames appeal to even the most discerning lady! Oakley have not really been known for their stylish women’s sunglasses, but this year they have certainly put this right. The Oakley Given Sunglasses also feature the amazing Plutonite lenses and these are 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protective which provides complete protection for your eyes in even the strongest sunlight. Unlike many other lenses, the UV protection is not added via a coating, but is actually built into the lenses meaning that even if they get scratched or chipped your eyes will still be safe as houses!

Last but not least we come to the Oakley Obsessed Sunglasses and Oakley LBD Sunglasses, these styles are designed to be for the more fashion conscious lady and feature beautifully thin arms, trendy colourways and interesting temple designs. Unobtanium ear stem ends are Oakley’s injection of innovation on these ranges and make them undeniably more practical than other brands looking to vie for the top fashion stakes this year.

Here at Shade Station we like to showcase the best new sunglasses and it is safe to say that Oakley are going to really take the limelight this season. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates…Happy New Year everyone!

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