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Luxottica Brands

April 16, 2015
Posted by David


Luxottica is the worlds largest eyewear company controlling over 80% of the worlds major brands. Brands include; Ray-Ban, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Miu Miu, Bvlgari, Persol, and the list goes on! Working closely with the Directors/Designers/Founders of the brands and taking inspiration from the brand history and culture Luxottica succeed in conveying and keeping alive the brands indenity. Each brand has its own style and unique designers dedicated to keeping in with each brands philosophy and legacy.

The Company was founded by Leonardo Del Vecchio in 1961; he had an obsession for quailty and everything being made to perfection right down to the fine detail which we can see throughout the eyewear frames today. This drove him as an individual and as made Luxottica what it is and stands for today.

Luxottica use the finest materials in all the eyewear products produced whether they be sunglasses or optical. One of the main materials used is acetate, acetate is an excellent material to use for eyewear as it is made from cotton making this material hypoallergenic. Other materials used are metal, injected nylon, titanium (also hypoallergenic) and Carbon Fiber.

The process of which Luxottica undergo to create each frame from Design to Production take up to 12month to complete. No Two frames are the same, the patterns of two frames will never be identical because of the process the frames go through. Each frame is cut from a large slab of acetate then tumbled to soften all the edges. The production stages lasts around 3months and undergo tests following this…

50 frames will be produced and undergo standard tests such as the opening and closing of the arms to replicate the usage of 3 years! Only once these 50 have passed the standards they will then produce another 500 which will be subjected to the same tests. Then once this is complete and all 500 frames have passed the texts Luxottica will then go in production.

You can be at ease wearing these eyewear brands knowing Luxottica products are made with quality and produced to the best standard on the market, ensuring not only a fashionable look, but a comfortable fit too.

Parker and Blair from Michael Kors s/s 2015

March 30, 2015
Posted by David


Parker on the left or Blair on the right? This season Michael Kors greets us with plenty of new editions. Among them , Parker MK6138 and Blair MK6137 are two resembling pieces that bear an irresistible spring look. The question is which one to pick once you are tired of trying both on on one wrist, decisions, decisions…

To begin […] Continue Reading…

Introducing: Oakley Turbine Sunglasses

March 20, 2015
Posted by David

In the above picture: Oakley Turbine Fire Iridium OO9263-04

The Oakley OO9263 Turbine sunglasses collection is one of our newly available high performance lifestyle sunglasses lines. A real balance between high performance and simplicity, the Turbine sunglasses are not restricted to professional sports events; instead they blend right in with the rest of an outfit for active leisure activities like […] Continue Reading…

Calvin Harris becomes the new face of Emporio Armani Luigi watches for Men

March 17, 2015
Posted by David



Having featured numerous household names like David and Victoria Beckham, Rihanna and Christiano Ronaldo in their infamous underwear ads, the youthful high end Emporio Armani label does it again with their siege of adverts for 2015 spring/summer lines, this time with Calvin Harris as the new face for not only their underwear line, but also the Emporio Armani Luigi […] Continue Reading…

Madonna testifies for Versace in their Spring/Summer 2015 Advertisement Campaign

Posted by David

“It’s always exciting to be dressed head-to-toe in Versace and experience first-hand Donatella’s vivid imagination and passion that she has created for this collection.”
Having stayed provocative and relevant as a pop icon for more than 3 decades and with her latest album Rebel Heart released on 6th March 2015, Madonna teams up with Versace yet again this year for […] Continue Reading…

Madman & Badman – One Obsession: Where do you #LiveYours?

February 25, 2015
Posted by David



We are over the moon to announce Oakley Madman sunglasses and Badman sunglasses are now available, instock and ready for you to buy with complimentary free next day delivery. (T&C’s apply)

Oakley have really out done themselves this time and my word it has been worth the wait. These futuristic designs have got us in a daze, the design, technology, […] Continue Reading…

January style update

January 5, 2015
Posted by David

Ray-Ban sunglasses have really outdone themselves this season, with an irresistible collection of sunglasses built for effortless cool and all-day comfort. Since their inception in 1937, the Ray-Ban sunglasses range has stuck to its guns as iconic, revolutionary and (most importantly) unique. No other sunglasses brand even touches what Ray-Ban can do; a pair is sold somewhere around the world every […] Continue Reading…

Swiss Military watches: terrific timekeeping!

December 5, 2014
Posted by David

Swiss Military watches are testament to the hard work, dedication and precision timekeeping that Swiss-made watches are famous for, with a striking set of designs too. Not just for the watch enthusiasts any more, Swiss Military watches have some fascinating new styles for any look and occasion. Each piece utilises the very best in Swiss technological design, with Swiss […] Continue Reading…

What’s hot this Winter? Just ask Shade Station!

December 1, 2014
Posted by David

We’ve got some sweet collections available this Winter for a great price, with hundreds of brands available. We have great deals on our range of watches, sunglasses, prescription glasses, goggles, jewellery and accessories, all with a vast array of different styles for any occasion or outfit. From the high-style to the high street, from the kooky to the classic, […] Continue Reading…

A snapshot of the new Oakley frames coming in 2015!

November 27, 2014
Posted by David

Oakley sunglasses challenge convention, and are born of obsession. The Oakley story began with one man, $300 dollars and a garage full of tools. Fast-forward nearly 40 years later – with over 600 patents to their name – and Oakley sunglasses have helped the world’s top athletes perform even better with impact-protected lenses, moisture-reactive coatings and a clarity unlike any other sunglass […] Continue Reading…

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