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7 Myths About Our Eyes and Vision

July 15, 2015
Posted by David

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We’re are familiar with the stories our parents told us growing up, from damaging our eyes by sitting too close to the TV to having superhuman night vision by eating our carrots at the dinner table. Spend a bit of time talking to people, and you quickly realise that these stories are considered to be facts by many of us, with some myths proving to be surprisingly prevalent across the Western world.


But what’s true and what isn’t? In this post we take a look at 7 common myths about our eyes (or eyesight), and try and find the truth in the stories.


  1. Eating carrots will improve your vision

When I was growing up, my parents would constantly tell me that eating my green vegetables would make me stronger, and eating carrots would either improve my overall eyesight or allow me to see better in the dark. The truth is that, although technically accurate, it’s not really a given that carrots will improve your vision, and it’s certainly not limited only to carrots.

Like many other foods, carrots contain Vitamin A, which is essential for maintaining good vision. However, you only get a small amount of Vitamin A in carrots, and it can be found in plenty of other foods such as milk, cheese, eggs, liver, asparagus and apricots.


  1. Sitting too close to the TV will damage your eyesight

Another story I was told frequently as a child, and one that seems to be a common misconception among British parents. It’s simply not true that sitting too close to a television set will damage your eyes, although in fairness it’s easy to see why people believe this one. It can bring on a headache or migraine, and potentially cause minor straining of the eyes, but it won’t do anything to damage your vision.


  1. Reading in the dark will damage your eyes (or weaken your vision).

This, again, simply isn’t true. Reading in the dark will do absolutely nothing to damage your eyes, although it can cause eyestrain or bring on a headache.


  1. Wearing glasses or contact lenses will weaken your eyesight

I can understand the logic here, but the conclusion is simply incorrect. Your eyes will not become weaker as a result of wearing corrective lenses, nor will your eyes become entirely dependent on them. It’s true that a prescription may change over time, but this is down to natural deterioration of the eyes (usually due to ageing), or because of disease. It has nothing at all to do with wearing glasses or contact lenses.


  1. The eye is full-size at birth

It’s surprising how many people believe this one, although looking at the eyes of a young child one can understand it. The human eye continues to grow along with a child until they’re fully grown, and it’s this growth that – in part – accounts for refractive changes that occur during childhood.


  1. Two blue-eyed parents cannot produce a brown-eyed child

Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses

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