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A snapshot of the new Oakley frames coming in 2015!

November 27, 2014
Posted by David

Oakley sunglasses challenge convention, and are born of obsession. The Oakley story began with one man, $300 dollars and a garage full of tools. Fast-forward nearly 40 years later – with over 600 patents to their name – and Oakley sunglasses have helped the world’s top athletes perform even better with impact-protected lenses, moisture-reactive coatings and a clarity unlike any other sunglass on the market.

To do all of this and add incredible style to the sunglasses? That takes genius. This is the latest range of Oakley sunglasses available here at Shade Station for 2015:

oo6019-04_Madman_DK_Carbon-Ruby_Iridium_Polar_720x576_72_CMYKOakley Madman sunglasses, as the name suggests, don’t do subtlety. The X Metal frame has Unobtainium coatings on the bridge and earstems, with a distinctive pair of oval lenses and a fascinating nose bridge feature that only joins at the top. These sunglasses are available in a variety of frame colours and also have Iridium coating options as well as the Prizm technology found in some of this year’s goggle releases. Not one to be missed, we’re sure the Oakley Madman sunglasses will be a hit with Oakley enthusiasts and our fashion-led customers alike, with this futuristic style like no other!


oo9263-06_Turbine_Polish_Blk_Prizm_Daily_Pol_720x576_72_CMYKOakley Turbine sunglasses are a fusion of classic Oakley DNA – such as the frame structure of the Jupiter and the tapering arm style of the Fuel Cell – used to stunning effect. A thick O Matter frame holds in an optically aligned pair of lenses, available in a whole range of Iridium coatings and with Prizm Daily, while the arms taper down to a pair of Unobtainium earpads to react with any moisture and perspiration the wearer might produce. A wraparound style frame gives this piece a slightly futuristic look too without compromising on the High Definition Optics built into every one. And finally, an interesting ‘breakaway’ pattern runs down the arms to add a touch of new Oakley design to an already exciting release.

Oakley 2015 eyewear catalogOakley Badman sunglasses take a familiar style to the Madman but fuse the frame shape with the TinCan or TinFoil; the same distinctive bridge piece is still present with this design, but the frame around the lenses is much more rectangular than the Oakley Madman, with a range of Iridium coated lenses and a brand new option for the Prizm Daily lens, which takes existing goggle lens technology. This works on how much contrast is in the environment rather than the light transmission there, and is set to revolutionise the active/lifestyle Oakley sunglasses ranges forever. The Oakley Badman sunglasses range also has Unobtainium coating on the earstems and a fascinating kink in the arms near the temple, meaning that the Badman sunglasses will fit almost any head size and shape.

Oakley Sliver Blog ImageFinally, Oakley Sliver sunglasses are an extension of their famous lifestyle collections, and are the pinnacle of comfortable everyday wear and incredible versatility. Oakley Sliver sunglasses are smooth, slim and stylish all in one; familiar technology such as O Matter frame material and Plutonite lenses – an exclusive impact-protected, optically correct Oakley lens – makes up the basis of the Sliver sunglasses range but the sheer variety of colours and lens tints available really set the Sliver apart from Oakley sunglasses like the Sliver F. Available with both the familiar Iridium lenses and the new, super-cool Prizm Daily lenses – which pick out contrast like no lens ever has – Sliver sunglasses are beautifully crafted with the finest materials, it’s the Oakley way to challenge concepts and bring new ideas every year whether it’s for the high-street or for the highest peak.


Madman & Badman – One Obsession: Where do you #LiveYours?

February 25, 2015
Posted by David



We are over the moon to announce Oakley Madman sunglasses and Badman sunglasses are now available, instock and ready for you to buy with complimentary free next day delivery. (T&C’s apply)

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December 1, 2014
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