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Clear craftsmanship; The Von Zipper goggles range, ready for Winter 2014!

November 20, 2014
Posted by David

Von Zipper goggles don’t skimp on quality or detail; built for (and by) both amateur and pro athletes, the Von Zipper goggles range goes further than the average snow protection to bring you optimum clarity and comfort for a great price. The Von Zipper story started in 1999, on the cusp of a new Millennium, and their passion for incredible eyewear hasn’t faltered one bit since. This stunning range of Von Zipper goggles is the latest extension in a long line of exceptional products – some of which have entirely new patents in them – addressing almost every visual need for the great outdoors. Here are some of the newest creations from Von Zipper available from Shade Station today:

Von Zipper Beefy GoggleThe Von Zipper Beefy goggle is a true beast of a design! Using a superbly wide peripheral view, the dual cylindrical lenses on this design have to be seen to be believed. Forward venting also means that the hot air in front of the wearer’s eyes can escape without letting any nasty cold air in; this also adds to the anti-fogging capabilities that this incredible frame has. The actual frame of the Beefy goggle is made from a thermo-polyurethane base and is ultra-flexible while maintaining its rigidity all at the same time. The Beefy goggle is also available in a whole range of colourways and lens tints too, with a whole range of options at our (and potentially your) disposal. One of our favourites (and best-sellers) is the GMSN7BEEWFC goggle which has a slick, smart White Satin frame/strap design and a Fire Chrome lens.

Von Zipper Cleaver GoggleAnother key feature on our list is the Von Zipper Cleaver, with an aerodynamic design made to ‘cut’ through the air in front of the goggle. This goggle has a stunning dual-cylindrical lens, with anti fogging technology built not just in the lenses but in the frame/lens vents too. Like the Beefy goggle, the Cleaver frame is made of a durable, supple thermo-polyurethane which is fused at a molecular level for optimum fit, as well as a shield-style design on the lenses which guarantee no visual interference on the slopes. The Cleaver goggles range also comes with 100% UV protection and a comfortable, dual-adjustable strap for a precise, snug fit around the wearer’s head or helmet. This Von Zipper goggle collection is ideal for medium to large face sizes with a guarantee to cut out any harmful glare or visual discomfort when you’re at your peak! Check out the Von Zipper GMSN7CLECMO goggles for a commando vibe, utilising a Tamouflage Camo frame/strap with Quasar Chrome lenses.

Von Zipper El Kabong GogglesThe Von Zipper El Kabong goggle brings a touch of magic and mystery to the Von Zipper brand; the lens can be changed in a superbly fluid movement, with a patented Presto Change-O lens interchange system in place. All of the El Kabong goggle lenses are dual-vented, with dual-thick anti fogging mechanics as standard; this means no changes in vision despite the amount of perspiration or heat the wearer may generate during an intense snow session. A triple-layered polar fleece coating in the lining of the frame means that any moisture will be wicked away from the wearer’s eyes, again preventing discomfort or blurry vision. To find all this technology in an interchangeable lens system is pretty rare; this is the hallmark of Von Zipper themselves, to challenge what we expect of vital snow equipment. Truly a masterpiece in modern design, the Von Zipper El Kabong goggle range is trusted by a growing number of athletes each year; with new products such as the GMSN7ELKYEC goggle, including the Black Chrome lens and a Mindglo Yellow frame/strap, will you be one of them?

Von Zipper Feenom NLS GoggleOne of our best-selling new goggles, the Feenom NLS goggle is a sporty, stylish piece of kit that not only protects the eyes but looks rocking while doing so! Beautifully made and a product of Von Zipper’s relentless design ethos, the Feenom NLS has a Barricade anti-fog lens with dual fitted (and vented) lenses for the ultimate in versatility and comfort. Moisture-wicking face foam also protects the eyes from the dangers of over-heating, and a flexible thermo-polyurethane frame is both hard-hitting and easy-to-wear. A dual adjustable strap means the Feenom NLS can be tailored to the wearer’s head/helmet size, adding to the comfort element and making the wearer feel at ease while wearing such a dynamic, resilient piece of equipment. Available in a range of colours and lens tints, the Feenom NLS goggles collection will probably continue to be one of our best-sellers in the goggles market! Choose from colours and lens tints such as the GMSN7FENSOS goggle, with the S.I.N Orange frame/strap and the Persimmon Chrome lenses too.

Von Zipper Fishbowl GogglesVon Zipper Fishbowl goggles are all about scope and visual clarity; they incorporate a super-wide peripheral view, for a truly panoramic experience. The familiar Von Zipper technology is still there too, with a clever vented technology and a durable oversized dual-adjustable strap for unparalleled comfort on and off the piste. The Fishbowl goggles range is helmet compatible across the vast majority of helmet brands, and the thermo-polyurethane frame with its polar fleece lining means compatibility with most face shapes too! Craftsmanship and clarity shine through with this design, and we’re sure that the super-wide viewpoint of the lenses themselves will attract fans, not just for the UV-protective qualities but for the sheer number of styles and light transmissions on offer. The Fishbowl GMSN7FISJJJ goggles are a revelation in modern technology, with a 3 Bucks Brown frame/strap and a Copper Chrome lens.

Von Zipper Skylab GogglesAnd last – but most certainly not least – these Skylab goggles round off our latest collection of Von Zipper snow products. Not just the pursuit of pro athletes anymore, goggles are now a key piece of equipment for amateur snowsports enthusiasts; why compromise on ground-breaking technology and quality with a certain brand or price? That’s what Von Zipper thinks and that’s precisely why the Skylab is so popular with both pros and novices! Hosting a quadruple-vented lens with a shield design, the Skylab excels where other similarly-priced goggles fear to tread. This is due to the incredible UV protection, award-winning clarity and hard coated casing on the lenses themselves, all held in place by a durable thermo-polyurethane frame. Take a look at our Skylab collection and the staggering range of colourways and light transmissions on offer, including the GMSN7SKY-BBS goggle which has a stunning, Eastern-themed Translucent Shmakta frame and strap with a pair of Sky Chrome lenses.


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