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Style Update – Prescription sunglasses for Spring/Summer 2014

April 22, 2014
Posted by David

Not just a fashion accessory any more, prescription sunglasses are one of the most important things to help glasses wearers truly enjoy the summer sunshine. Strengths can be easily altered here at Shade Station, as the needs of the modern market require the utmost in new designs and up-to-date lens manipulation. Along with photochromic lenses, polarised coatings and a huge range of tints and accents depending on the supplier, we are almost always at the beating heart of the lens prescription market online. With this entry, we intend to show you the huge array of lenses and frames on offer, each with their own unique charms and capabilities.

First up this season, we have the revolutionary Oakley range which seem to step up to the plate and achieve incredible standards year in, year out. Stunningly rendered frames make way for truly eye-catching lenses, as almost all come with specialist Oakley patents. Take a look at our Oakley prescription range and you will see an incredible selection of strong designs with O Matter frames, Unobtainium earsocks, air-filled silicon nosepads, optional HDO and Iridium coatings, and a whole variety of tints to choose from. Oakley’s signature Holbrook frames are a classic take on the ‘Wayfarer’ style of sunglass, as well as the Frogskin. They both offer 100% protection from UV light and are adaptable for prescription lenses, with HDO and Iridium coatings available.

Ray-Ban sunglasses are the obvious choice for any style-conscious beach goer, with a huge range of designs and inspired takes on their classic frames. But did you know that here at Shade Station we offer prescription lenses for them? With classic designs such as the Wayfarer, Clubmaster and Aviator all available for the prescription treatment, the strengths of each lens can work in harmony as well as the frames. The prescription lenses on offer are unique to Shade Station, and we are as pleased to provide this service as we are to provide the sunglasses themselves.

Chanel prescription sunglasses are part of the chic, elegant range of sunglasses that we offer at Shade Station and a huge number of our frames work together beautifully with our lenses. The unmistakable Chanel brand combines form and function, but here we can provide an even longer shelf-life for your favourite pair of sunglasses with our prescription lenses and variety of tints/accents for both frames and lenses. A variety of strengths are available from us, ready to greatly benefit the frames from the powerhouse of fashion that brought you Chanel No. 5 and ‘Madamoiselle Coco’ herself. The CH5287 is a brand new example of this classic brand doing what it does best.

Tom Ford began designing for the biggest fashion houses in the world, including Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. His own brand, launched in 2004, echoes what he learned from that time and his prescription sunglasses are no exception. Taking into mind the director’s mind that Tom Ford possesses, the frames of his signature glasses are as excitingly orchestrated as his films. The acetate frames allow for maximum durability and scope for adaptation, and at Shade Station we allow our prescription lenses to be moulded to exact specifications. The Tom Ford Saskia, Grace and Riccardo frames are great options available for prescription lenses.

Prada‘s strengths lie in the ability to make intricate, exciting ideas from what would be seen as everyday materials. Famous for her nylon parkas, Miuccia Prada became a powerhouse of fashion in her own right with an array of interesting and minimalist thought-pieces. Prada’s range of prescription sunglasses work in this same vein, with lenses available in many materials and can be utilised in lots of different ways, such as for short-distance and long-distance vision (including reading and computer use). The Prada Baroque PR33PS is a prime example of a frame done beautifully, and when combined with our lenses fuses functionality too.

Dolce and Gabbana prescription sunglasses emerge from the Italian fashion houses of the 1980s, as they take on a slightly retro but ultra-modern look throughout the collection. Combining these two exciting looks is an art form in itself, and Mssrs. Dolce and Gabbana do not fail to disappoint with their eye-catching eyewear sported by Madonna, Nicole Kidman and Isobella Rossellini among others. We also aim too to combine style and substance, with manipulated lenses done in-house by our lens grinding team.

BVLGARI prescription sunglasses follow this influential pattern in this post of Italian fashion houses and beautiful, functional designs. Incorporating oversized eyes with thin, durable frames, the BVLGARI sunglasses aim to echo the Greco-Roman influences of its former owner and founder, Sotirios Voulgaris. Loved by the likes of Angelina Jolie and Paris Hilton, BVLGARI aims to combine mythology and architecture into its fashionable designs. The  BV8131B is an eye-catching example of this trend and available for bespoke lens manipulation.

Finally, Michael Kors is probably most famous for his appearances on ‘Project Runway’ in the States, but his fashion design is almost instinctive, having grown up in New York state and attending (as well as designing) ‘trunk shows’ in private homes for years before landing his first big break. Michael Kors’ glasses take on classic styles and add exciting new twists to them, such as the Sicily Flash, a blinding take on the original Sicily. What happens with the lenses, however, is up to you; a variety of lenses and tints are on offer solely at Shade Station, with a stunning array of frames to accompany them also.








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