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2011 Fashion Trends

Fashionistas sit up and take note! Those in the know have made their style predictions for the year ahead and it's looking like another vintage inspired annum... The following trends are going to be hot in 2011 and as always...

Sunglasses Style Update – Summer 2010

The sun is finally shining and this summer, you can be assured that your peepers will be fully protected in addition to looking ultra stylish with the wide array of sunglasses from a selection of incredible brands on offer here...

Sunglasses Style Update - Spring 2010

With summer on the way, a pair of sunglasses provides the essential accessory to protect your eyes and ensure that you look super stylish. Whether you prefer your sunglasses to be chic, sophisticated, super glamorous, sporty,...

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About this brand

Von Zipper Sunglasses

Von Zipper Sunglasses are the perfect accessory to complete a chic yet fun look and have a distinct sporty edge to them. These ultra classy sunglasses are budget friendly but quality and style is definitely not compromised so you can be sure that you are investing in a pair of great sunglasses that will look fantastic for seasons to come. As a brand, Von Zipper is all about injecting personality and the styles are dynamic and unique as the lens colour and frames are slightly different but compliment the design giving a nice twist on the overall look. The wrap around Papa G Von Zipper sunglass is extremely popular and in a tortoiseshell patterned frame and bronze lenses, these look visually very striking. The same style also comes in white with grey lenses. These have a great futuristic feel to them and are very unique in the sense of the combination of colour and style. The Rhombus sunglass is more squared shaped with rounded edges which again make for a quirky and different look. These are particularly sophisticated and the brown frames with grey/orange lenses are perfect for the ultimate summer accessory. Of course, the main function of a pair of sunglasses is to protect he eyes from the sun and Von Zipper sunglasses have designed their shades for ultimate function by using 100 percent UV protection.

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