Von Zipper Hoss

The Von Zipper brand always aims to make a statement and the unisex Hoss sunglasses are the perfect representation of this! A highly unique and distinctive pair of sunglasses within the Von Zipper collection, the Hoss shades are aviator inspired but with the sleek and cutting edge Von Zipper twist. The sunglasses feature an oversized frame with a filled bridge section and boast metal line detailing upon the top frame centre for added aesthetic appeal. The sunglasses feature expertly formed curves and contours for a flattering finish and the arms are subtly tapered, displaying the Von Zipper logo upon a coloured plaque section (the colour varies depending on the Hoss version you choose) positioned adjacent to the temple. The Hoss sunglasses are available in colours including a brown and bronze tortoiseshell frame with gold detailing and graduated brown lenses, and a white frame with gold detailing and graduated brown lenses to name two options. The Hoss sunglasses are a favourite among professional surfer Joel Parkinson and Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright.

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