Tom Ford William

The Tom Ford William sunglasses are a design for men and can be described as a classic aviator style but with a masculine and defined edge. The William sunglasses are incredibly chic but statement, featuring a wire frame and an accentuated top bar which extends away from the frame, creating a three-dimensional effect finish to the style. The hinge is also subtly extended and the wire arms are streamlined and incorporate ear socks for added definition. The Tom Ford logo can be found etched into one of the lenses in addition to at the tip of the ear stem, with the William style speaking for itself and not requiring an elaborate brand logo. The William sunglasses feature an array of subtle aesthetic twists but are highly versatile and timelessly stylish. The design is available in a variety of wearable and flattering colours including a gunmetal frame with brown lenses and a brushed silver frame with mirrored grey lenses for an ultra contemporary finish.

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