Tom Ford Verushka

One of the most distinctive styles within the Tom Ford collection, the Verushka sunglasses perfectly fuse glamour, allure and incredible statement style. A design for ladies, the Verushka Tom Ford sunglasses feature a sleek and dramatically oversized metal frame that is designed with a deep V at the centre taking the cat-eye look to the extreme with its frame that becomes prominently angled at the upper outer edges. The frame crosses at the slim centre and the style also features a subtle gap between the upper outer lens edges and the temple. The coloured top bar provides added contemporary aesthetic detailing, the colour of which matches the tone of the ear socks to infuse an elegant and chic finishing touch. The Verushka sunglasses are available in colours including a gold frame with textured brown detailing and graduated brown lenses, and a gold frame with black detailing and graduated grey lenses. If you’re seeking ‘in Vogue’ inspired statement style with the bold yet exquisite Tom Ford edge, the Veruska sunglasses are the perfect option.

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