Tom Ford Rania

The Tom Ford Rania sunglasses are a luxuriously dramatic and oversized design for ladies that convey a 1960’s style with their bold, chunky frame and highly retro appeal that instantly adds a strong hint of glamour to your look! The frame is thick, features a rounded finish and beautifully curves at the exterior frame edges to reach a subtle and thickened point at the temples, which creates a hint of the glamorous cat eye effect and accentuates the femininity of the style. The straight arms elegantly curve at the ear stems and also feature the signature Tom Ford Ford ‘T’ logo presented adjacent to the temple. The Tom Ford logo is also etched into one of the lenses. The Rania sunglasses are available in exquisite colour tones including black with a gold motif and black and red with a silver motif. The lenses are also graduated for a super smoldering and sexy finish! The Rania sunglasses are one of the most distinctive in the Tom Ford collection and are wonderfully desirable, feminine, elegant and statement.

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