Tom Ford Peter

The Tom Ford Peter sunglasses are a unisex design and can be described as an incredibly fashion forward and modern adaptation of the classic aviator style. The slim metallic frame is designed in a figure of eight - forming a cross shape at the bridge section and also features a statement top bar which then elegantly curves with the flawless sweeping contour of the teardrop shaped lenses. What is also unique about the Peter style and conveys Ford’s attention to intrinsic detailing is the very subtle gap between each exterior vertical edge of the lens and the frame meaning that the hinge incorporates a dual band frame effect as it moves towards the arm section and finally joins as it progresses to create the arms. The arms also feature ear socks for added definition to the style. The Peter sunglasses are available in ultra chic colours including a silver frame with black ear socks and ice toned lenses for a modern finish, gold with brown ear socks and graduated brown lenses, and black with grey lenses for a versatile but statement effect. Super modern, ultra sleek and boasting a flawless finish!

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