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Style Update: sunglasses for autumn/winter 2014

Firstly, Oakley sunglasses are famed for their versatility, their sporting prowess and their effortless fusion between lifestyle and active; that is to say, the vast majority of Oakley sunglasses look just as good doing...

Style Update: Autumn/Winter 2014

Ray-Ban sunglasses are iconically cool, incredibly versatile and a staple of practically any fashionista's outfit. Beginning in 1937, Ray-Ban sunglasses have managed to stay one step ahead of the competition while providing...

Newest collections from Luxottica this autumn/winter 2014

Here at Shade Station we're always looking for the newest in design and capability, as well as eye-catching fashion sense, and with the sheer variety of sunglasses on offer this season we are subject to those traits and then...

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Style Update
Style update
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As we leap from April showers to, well, whatever weather May has in store for us, it's undoubtedly an opportune moment to look at the newest range of sunglasses and eye protection wear available from Shade Station. It's a season of change, and our ranges of sunglasses don't look to disappoint. Shop Oakley, Ray-Ban, Versace, Serengeti, Chanel, Michael Kors, Chloé, Oliver Peoples West and Tom Ford as you indulge in our incredible offers and prices.