Sunglasses Style Update – Summer 2010

The sun is finally shining and this summer, you can be assured that your peepers will be fully protected in addition to looking ultra stylish with the wide array of sunglasses from a selection of incredible brands on offer here...

Sunglasses Style Update - Spring 2010

With summer on the way, a pair of sunglasses provides the essential accessory to protect your eyes and ensure that you look super stylish. Whether you prefer your sunglasses to be chic, sophisticated, super glamorous, sporty,...

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Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses

Roberto Cavalli sunglasses are perfect for those who favour a touch of something unique, lavish and bold. Over the past twenty years, the Roberto Cavalli has been at the forefront of ultimate designer style. Cavalli is renowned for pushing boundaries, and expressing personality via embellishments, sexy strong prints and dynamic style. Whether you favour dramatic oversized sunglasses with thick frames, a hint of vintage, or something a little more subtle, Cavalli sunglasses have something for you. As a prime example of fine attention to detail, the Cavalli RC372S sunglasses with intricately gold patterned arms are simply stunning. The pattern is delicate and feminine yet extremely visual making these a wonderfully chic option. The black RC390S sunglasses with a snake style logo and leopard print inner pattern are perfect for creating a statement and make for a classic yet strong look. For something a little more subtle, the black oversized RC315S sunglasses in black are oversized and vintage style. The logo is simply placed in silver upon the arm making for an understated and sophisticated look. Roberto Cavalli sunglasses are a classic brand and are designed to create fashion as opposed to following. Great for an expression of personality and unique style!

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