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Frame: Yellow and blue wrap around rimless frame with the Prada Sport logo on arms
Lens: Grey
About this brand

Prada Sport PS53MS

Prada Sports PS53MS sunglasses are fascinatingly made, gorgeously rendered and a key part of the contoured chic that has made Prada Sports really stand out. Utilising a toric shield frame, the PS53MS takes versatility and creative outlets for a new generation of wearers who are as keen on protecting eyes just as much as catching glances. The PS53MS sunglass takes charm, character and creativity in its stride with a thin set of arms leading to a thick, lightweight yet surprisingly durable frame and lens set.

Here at Shade Station we take the very best pieces on display, and include them in our hottest collections. Feel free to take a look at the Prada Sport range and see why strength and substance are as key to sunglasses as style is.

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