Prada PR32NS

The Prada PR32NS takes style and incredible functionality into a beautifully thick and luscious pair of sunglasses, with a whole host of exciting features like a distinctive Prada logo across the temples and a strong hinge function. The PR32NS really accentuates the look of clarity and high fashion, with some gorgeous arms and an incredible set of frames that hold thick, resilient lenses in with startling levels of grip.

Prada sunglasses have character, charisma and wonderfully charming features that bring customers back season after season; these wonderful pieces really bring together the very best in Italian style, fusing them with Hollywood glamour for a truly unique look. Our collection on Shade Station's website exhibits the very finest, and it is plain to see why they attract looks as much as they protect the eyes.  

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Womens Prada Sunglasses
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Frame: Black with mimetic inner frame detail and the Prada logo on the arms
Lens: Graduated grey