Prada PR18MS

A super glamorous and luxurious pair of Prada sunglasses for ladies, this classic oversized style perfectly depicts the essence of A List glamour! The PR18MS Prada sunglasses feature a dramatically oversized frame with rounded and bamboo style inspired edges. Though the lens shape is square, the elegant contours and curved edges infuse a softer and more wearable finish to the bold style. Like the frame, the arms are also slim and rounded and curve downwards at the ear stems. The Prada logo is displayed upon a sleek metal panel positioned adjacent to the hinge. The PR18MS style is available in colour options including a black frame with a silver hinge and grey lenses, or for something more vibrant, a tortoiseshell fading to honey toned frame complimented by a gold hinge and graduated brown lenses. These sunglasses will instantly add a polished, vibrant and high-fashion edge to your look and though show-stopping, are also highly versatile.

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