Oliver Peoples Patten

The Oliver Peoples Patten sunglasses are a unisex style that looks equally chic on both men and women due to the design’s timeless appeal and flawless finish. This aviator style is hand crafted using exceptionally high quality and lightweight metal and boasts a modified square frame shape. The bridge curves upwards whilst the top bar remains straight which injects added definition to style. The wire arms also incorporate ear socks and the addition of silicone nose pads provides comfort and a perfect fit. The Patten sunglasses are available in sophisticated and neutral colour tones including a silver frame with black and grey ear socks, a bronze frame with textured brown ear socks and a silver frame with black graduating to clear ear socks. A highly versatile and effortlessly cool style that will inject the perfect finishing touch to every look. Celebrities seen sporting the Patten sunglasses include Colin Farrell and Jennifer Aniston.

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