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Gucci Kids Sunglasses

If your little darlings are jealous of mummy's designer sunglasses then worry not - they too can be kitted out with the very best in designer shades, courtesy of Gucci. The Gucci sunglasses range include Gucci Kids...

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About this brand

Gucci Kids Sunglasses

Gucci is one of the most respected and sought-after designer brands of all time and the collection of Gucci sunglasses are adored by many style icons and fashion lovers. The Gucci sunglasses collection has recently updated its range to include designs specifically for children, which are highly similar in aesthetic to the adult Gucci designs but adapted with a more youthful, fresh and fun finish. Whilst children also like to look stylish, it’s incredibly important to protect their eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays and the Gucci Kids sunglasses collection therefore combines the brand’s ultra trendy yet timeless style with full peeper protection specially designed for younger and more delicate eyes.

The Gucci sunglasses collection for children comprises of design ranging from super fashionable and dramatically oversized sunglasses to more sporty and casual oversized aviators. Many of the styles are available in vibrant frame colours such as red, yellow and blue with some models also boasting two-toned or multi-coloured frames. The iconic Gucci logo is typically displayed upon the temple or arm and some Gucci sunglasses also offer polarised lenses for maximum visual quality and protection. A number of lens options are available such as lenses that are graduated in colour and incorporate Photochromic or mirrored finishes.

Eye protection, particularly for children is vitally important and a pair of Gucci sunglasses provide maximum protection in addition to enabling your kids to look stylish, fashion forward and quite the little Hollywood star!

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