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Frame: Clear frame with grey arms and silver hinge with Gucci hinge
Lens: Graduated brown
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Gucci GG3180

Gucci’s modern take on the sultry cat-eye inspired design, the GG3180 Gucci sunglasses are a strikingly feminine style for ladies and feature a defined frame which becomes thicker as it progresses away from the centre and reaches a defined point at the upper outer corners, creating the cat-eye finish. The frame is also more rounded at the central section with the vertical outer frame edges being squarer, which accentuates the modern tone of the design. The arms are elegantly tapered, curve at the ear stems and the Gucci logo is displayed upon a sleek metal panel positioned adjacent to the hinge, the colour of which varies depending on the GG3180 style you opt for. The GG3180 sunglasses are available in colours including a black frame with gold metal detailing and graduated grey lenses, and a clear frame with grey arms, silver metal detailing and graduated brown lenses. The GG3180 is the perfect style to represent the glossy, sophisticated and supremely luxurious Gucci edge.

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