Gucci GG3164

A timelessly chic and striking pair of Gucci sunglasses, the GG3164 design will infuse just the right balance of glamour and sophistication into every look. A medium-sized oversized style for ladies, the GG3164 sunglasses feature a rectangular shaped frame that subtly becomes wider as it progresses away from the centre, adding a modern edge to the classic style. The arms are elegantly tapered and also feature metal detailing upon the hinge, which is presented in the shape of the iconic Gucci logo and adds an exquisite and demure touch to the bold frame. The remainder of the style is kept minimal and simple, enabling the sunglasses to offer maximum versatility. The GG3164 Gucci sunglasses are available in chic colours including a black frame with gold hinge detailing and graduated grey lenses, and for something ultra vibrant and summer inspired, a violet frame with gold hinge detailing and graduated grey lenses to name just two options. The Gucci brand is a favourite among a number of style icons and the GG3164 sunglasses have been spotted on the likes of Kendra Wilkinson, Hilary Duff and Ashley Tisdale.

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