Gucci GG3139

The oversized style of sunglasses is one that will never go out of fashion, and the GG3139 Gucci sunglasses are a design for ladies that embody every element that the oversized trend represents – glamour, drama and feminine elegance! The design features a thick acetate frame with large oval shaped lenses. The sunglasses also boast a wrapped fit for added comfort and to further accentuate the bold shape. The arms begin exceptionally wide and then taper as they progress to the curved ear stems. Added aesthetic detailing can be seen upon the arms, which display the iconic Gucci logo. The remainder of the design is kept simple to allow the strong style to take centre stage. The GG3139 sunglasses are available in colours including a black frame with grey lenses and for something more luxuriously colourful, a violet and bronze frame with graduated brown lenses to name just two options. If you’re looking to infuse the essence of Hollywood glamour into your everyday style, the GG3139 sunglasses are an absolute must-have.

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