Gucci GG2892

One of the most modern and distinctive styles within the Gucci sunglasses collection, the GG2892 is a design for ladies and captures the oversized trend but with an edgy and contemporary touch. The sunglasses feature a slim and square shaped metal frame that becomes wider at the outer vertical frame edges and with a straighter finish than the inner frame section. The elongated arms are streamlined and boast unique gold metal and bead detailing adjacent to the hinge, infusing a hint of the boho-chic look into the style. The Gucci signature logo is then etched into the top corner of one of the lenses. The GG2892 sunglasses are available in colours including a black frame with graduated grey lenses and a dark cocoa toned frame with graduated brown lenses. The perfect way to channel the high fashion oversized style into your look but with the unique and dynamic Gucci edge.

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