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Frame: Black frame with black ear socks and metal hinge with Gucci logo
Lens: Grey
About this brand

Gucci GG1945

If you favour the style of the aviator but are seeking a frame with a distinctively more defined and square shaped finish, the GG1945 Gucci sunglasses are the perfect option for this style preference. The GG1945 Gucci aviator sunglasses are a unisex style that embodies the appeal of the classic aviator but with a slightly more rugged and contemporary finish and with a square shaped frame design. The sunglasses feature a metal frame with an accentuated top bar and a bridge section that is positioned just above the frame centre. The streamlined arms are also wider than as seen on most aviator styles and incorporate ear socks for added depth and definition. The Gucci logo is presented adjacent to the hinge upon a T-bar panel section in addition to the signature logo being etched into the top corner of one of the lenses. The GG1945 sunglasses are available in colour combinations including a brown frame with brown ear socks and graduated brown lenses, and a black frame with black ear socks and graduated grey lenses to name just two examples.

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