Gucci GG1628

A sporty, statement and retro inspired style by Gucci, the GG1628 sunglasses are an oversized aviator with a casual and effortlessly stylish edge whilst also boasting the chic and sought-after Gucci finish. The GG1628 sunglasses are a unisex style and feature an acetate frame with expertly formed curves and contours and a filled bridge section, accentuating the sporty vibe of the design. The arms narrow at the ear stems and the Gucci logo is subtly displayed upon the arms adjacent to the hinge. Aesthetic detailing remains minimal meaning that the GG1628 sunglasses are ultra versatile and timelessly stylish. The colour variations within the GG1628 collection include a blue frame with an ivory exterior outline and graduated grey lenses, and a white frame with a black and red outline and graduated grey lenses to name just two options. This is the ideal style of Gucci sunglasses if you’re seeking something sporty and retro but with the high-end Gucci twist.

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